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Tourist Visas for visiting relatives with Chinese Passports or Permanent Residence in China - Q visas

Q1 visa - Single entry for stays of over 180 days;
Q2 visa - Single / Double entry for stays of less than 180 days.

This is what you should apply for if you are going to visit Chinese family in China (who have a Chinese passport or permanent residence). The advantage of these visas over a Tourist L visa is that you can get a longer stay with the right documentation. For a Q1 visa (stay over 180 days), the relative(s) to be visited are limited to your spouse, parent, mother and father in law, sons and daughters, son and daughter in laws, siblings, grandparents and grandchildren. Q2 is less restrictive.

Always bear in mind that the type of visa and length granted for each stay is always at the discretion of the Chinese Embassy, which will grant you the visa they deem is most appropriate as determined by all the circumstances (especially the documentation in hand).


Look at our PRICING page to see how much each costs. We accept payment by CASH, CHEQUE, POSTAL ORDER and DEBIT CARD (fill out the authorisation form on the application form and we will do the rest or pay online).

CREDIT CARDS are accepted online only - click here to pay by these methods.

NB If you pay by cheque, we will wait for the cheque to clear before we send your passport back (usually 5 - 7 working days) - for speed, fill out the debit card authorisation on the application form.


boatSelect the type of visa you want to find out about:

The "Q" visa is for visiting relatives who have Chinese passports. You will need to send us:

1. Passport plus a photocopy of the photo page in addition - passport must have two blank pages and 6 months remianing validity

2. One photo (less than 6 months old) - there are specific requirements for photos - click here for more information - if the requirements (per the link) are not met, the application may be refused.

3. Completed Chinese Visa application form which has been typed up (electronically), printed out and signed in ink.

4. Relevant fee (click here to see prices)

5. An original and a copy of your permanent residence or work permit for the UK if you are not applying with an EU passport.

6. If you have been to China before, a photocopy of your last Chinese visa.

7. If you used to have a Chinese passport, and now have a foreign passport, and if it is the first time you are applying for a visa, you need to send the original Chinese passport plus a photocopy of the data page of the passport. If you have had previous Chinese visas but they are in an old passport, you need to send us the original Chinese passport and a photocopy of the data page, the photo page, and of the previous Chinese Visas.

8. Invitation letter from the family you are visiting, in Chinese. If your inviter is not Chinese, you will need to send a photocopy of their passport and Chinese residence permit. See our Blog post about invitation letters.

9. For any child under 18 going to China, the following documentation is now required: Both parents to sign the Chinese Visa application form; Original birth certificate; copy of passport of both parents. This is regardless of where the child was born.

10. If you are applying for a single entry visa with a stay duration of more than 180 days (Q1 visa), you will also need to send a legalised document showing how you are related e.g. marriage certificate to the inviting party. We can help with the legalisation - click here to see more about our legalisation service.

11. For Q1 visas, the embassy will also require a set of fingerprints from you. Please call for more information.


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IF YOU ARE POSTING YOUR DOCUMENTS TO US BY ROYAL MAIL: Please send the above documents to CHINESE VISA DIRECT, PO Box 5051, London W1A 8UZ. We recommend using Royal Mail Special Delivery.

IF YOU ARE DELIVERING THE DOCUMENTS IN PERSON OR USING A COURIER, please deliver them to our office at 25 MARGARET STREET, LONDON W1W 8RX. Click here for a map.

Once we receive your passport back from the embassy with visa, we will send you your passport back by Royal Mail Special Delivery, unless you instruct us otherwise.


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