Marrying in China

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We can save you money on the documents you need! We will draft the statutory declaration that you need (for £16 - pay online). This will save you money as your solicitor won't have to draft it (typical solicitor rates are around £90 per hour!).

You just need to take it to your solicitor to get it sworn and then send it to us so we can legalise it.

Your 4 steps to getting married in China:

1. Click below to purchase the statutory declaration online. We will send you some questions to answer. We will then draft the statutory declaration for you - you need to take this to your own solicitor to have it sworn.

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2. Check with the local Chinese authorities that you don't need any other documentation. Usually not.

3. Send us the stat dec and any other documentation required to us for legalisation (that is, verification at the Foreign Office and then at the Chinese Embassy). Full instructions are provided with the statutory declaration. The cost of legalisation is not included in the £16 fee for the statutory declaration.

4. Get your China visa. We'll give you a discount on a visa when purchased together with our legalisation/drafting services.





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