Chinese Tourist Visa (L Type)

This is what you should apply for if you are going on holiday to China. For UK passsport holders, we can usually obtain a 2 year multiple entry visa but this is subject to the discretion of the embassy. Examples of applicants: holidaymakers, school groups (please do call us early if you are travelling in a school group).

How fast is CVD's service

We measure the time of our service from the time that your fingerprints are taken at the Chinese Visa Centre and documents are submitted to the embassy staff. Taking that as a yardstick, your passport with visa will be ready for collection from our office in the afternoon 2 working days from when fingerprints are given (EXPRESS SERVICE) or 3 working days from when fingerprints are given (STANDARD SERVICE)

How to apply

  1. Place an order for our service by selecting one of the options below - our prices are inclusive of all embassy fees, Chinese Visa Centre fees, and VAT. We'll send you an email during business hours, shortly thereafter to tell you what you need to do.
  2. Fill out the Chinese Visa Centre's application form online (click here for the online form). Alternatively, complete Chinese Visa Direct's simplified form and we will complete the Centre's form for you (extra charge - add Form Filling Service to your basket and we'll be in touch).
  3. If you have any questions about filling in your form, call us, or email us and we'll assist. Please provide your customer reference number.
  4. If you have completed the form yourself, email to us:
    (i) a copy of the completed form;
    (ii) a copy of your passport photo page;
    (iii) the supporting documents listed below.
    These will allow us to check your form thoroughly. If any changes need to be made, we'll advise and get your consent to make these changes. DO NOT make an appointment with the Centre for fingerprints (see below).
  5. After reviewing your form, and your circumstances, we'll be in touch in relation to next steps - we will let you know if you need to bring additional documents with you when you come to the Centre for fingerprints. Note that only applicants between the ages of 14 and 69 (inclusive) need to give fingerprints.
  6. Turn up at one of CVD's daily fingerprinting / document submission sessions with your passport (original) and documents required (per below and per our instruction - please note where originals AND copies are required). Be guided through the process by one of our staff who will meet and greet you at the Chinese Visa Centre.
  7. We will post or courier back your passport with visa (extra charge - add Royal Mail Special Delivery to your basket or call us if you need a courier) or you can come to our office to collect.
  8. Please bear in mind that the type of visa and length granted for each stay is always at the discretion of the Chinese Embassy, which will grant you the visa they deem is most appropriate as determined by all the circumstances (especially the documentation in hand).

Supporting Documents - we'll advise you if you need more based on your application

To get your application going, you will need:

1. Passport plus a photocopy of the photo page in addition - passport must have two blank pages and 6 months remianing validity

2. Digital photo (to be uploaded to the Chinese Visa Centre application form) - there are specific requirements for photos - click here for more information - if the requirements (per the link) are not met, the application may be refused.

3. If you have not opted for our form filling service, email us a copy of the submitted application form for us to check and correct any errors.

4. If you are not applying with an EU passport, evidence of your legal entry into the UK e.g. UK visa

5. If you have been to China before, a photocopy of your last Chinese visa.

6. If you used to have a Chinese passport, please contact us for more information.

7. Either:
(a) Copy of flight reservations / ticketsand copy of hotel reservation; OR

(b) invitation letter from family or friends . If your inviter is Chinese, you will also need a photocopy of their Chinese ID. If your inviter is not Chinese, you will need to send a photocopy of their passport and Chinese residence permit. See our Blog post about invitation letters. We can also provide a template invitation letter to you upon request once we have received your order.

8. For any child under 18 going to China, the following documentation is now required:
copy birth certificate; copy of passport of the parent who is signing the application form.

Remember: when you submit your application online to the Chinese Visa Centre, DO NOT book an appointment for fingerprints - just come along to one of our daily fingerprinting / submission slots - call us for times!


Visa Fees

  Standard Service   Express Service  
UK passport £250Add to basket £290Add to basket
USA passport £282Add to basket £313Add to basket
Canada passport £233Add to basket £264Add to basket
Argentina passport £289Add to basket £320Add to basket
Brazil passport £274Add to basket £305Add to basket
Serbia passport £176Add to basket £207Add to basket
Israel passport £194Add to basket £225Add to basket
Romania passport (Single Entry) £213Add to basket £253Add to basket
Romania passport (Double Entry) £232Add to basket £272Add to basket
Other country passport (not listed above) (Single Entry) £183Add to basket £223Add to basket
Other country passport (not listed above) (Double Entry) £197Add to basket £237Add to basket

Other Relevant Services

Item Description Fee
Royal Mail Special Delivery If you cannot collect your visa from our office, CVD can return via Royal Mail Special Delivery £8Add to basket
Form Filling Service There are many constraints with the Chinese Visa Centres online application form. If you order our form filling service, CVD will collect the necessary information from you and complete the online form for you. £30Add to basket