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CVD is not part of the Chinese Embassy, and you can get your visa direct from the embassy cheaper on the slow service. However, CVD will minimise errors and common pitfalls and get you your visa in the shortest time possible. And we'll return it to you by courier or Royal Mail Special Delivery - included in the price! Downloading the application form is free (click here)



QiLinChinese Business Visas now come in several flavours:

Business Visas for commerce and trade - M Visas

Single entry;
Double entry;
Multi entry - 6/12/24 months.

Get this visa if you are going to do business in China, e.g. visiting a trading partner or a trade fair etc. The length of stay for each entry is usually 30 days. You can ask for more than 30 days, if needed and if supported by documentation. You will need at least two previous business visas before you can apply for a multi entry visa - based on our experience, UK passport holders have a better chance of getting a multi entry visa, certainly at the Chinese Embassy in London.

Business Visas for visiting a non trading entity - F Visas

Single entry;
Double entry;
Multi entry.

This visa is for when you are invited to China for an exchange, or a study tour by a non trading entity, like a public body, for example. The length of stay for each entry is usually 30 days. You can ask for more than 30 days, if needed and if supported by documentation.

Always bear in mind that the type of visa and length granted for each stay is always at the discretion of the Chinese Embassy, which will grant you the visa they deem is most appropriate as determined by all the circumstances (especially the documentation in hand).


Look at our PRICING page to see how much each costs. We accept payment by CASH, CHEQUE, POSTAL ORDER and DEBIT CARD (fill out the authorisation form on the application form and we will do the rest or pay online).

CREDIT CARDS are accepted online only - click here to pay by these methods.

NB If you pay by cheque, we will wait for the cheque to clear before we send your passport back (usually 5 - 7 working days) - for speed, fill out the debit card authorisation on the application form.


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  We offer free return courier delivery of your passport between 11am and 5pm on weekdays to the following Central London postcodes only:

EC1 - EC4
WC1 - WC2
W1 - W2

Call us on 0207 436 9156 to book your return courier or email us on


IF YOU ARE POSTING YOUR DOCUMENTS TO US BY ROYAL MAIL: Please send the above documents to CHINESE VISA DIRECT, PO Box 5051, London W1A 8UZ. We recommend using Royal Mail Special Delivery.

IF YOU ARE DELIVERING THE DOCUMENTS IN PERSON OR USING A COURIER, please deliver them to our office at 25 MARGARET STREET, LONDON W1W 8RX. Click here for a map.

Once we receive your passport back from the embassy with visa, we will send you your passport back by Royal Mail Special Delivery, unless you instruct us otherwise.


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